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Khaleej Türk

Why Invest In Turkey

Turkey is the cradle of many civilizations. Every year, Turkey welcomes millions of tourists. Millions of people are attracted by the unique nature, rich culture and sunny climate almost 4 seasons a year. Thousands of people have chosen to live and invest in Turkey even the tourists who come for the holidays.

Turkey has all kinds of residential complexes such as apartments and villas located in various cities of Turkey such as Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, and Bodrum. Living as a foreigner in Turkey is very easy. In addition, the purchase procedures are facilitated to allow you to acquire the real estate of your dreams.

There are many reasons to make you want to have a property in Turkey, which I will quote and explain below.

So get ready to be convinced to drop the ideas by digging your head and moving on to the implementation phase.

Reasons to invest in Turkey:

Turkey, located at the gates of Europe, is a country in full economic and political boom. For several years, it has seen a steady increase in real estate investments abroad, especially in Istanbul and in coastal regions.

It has certain advantages as;

  • Having an exceptional climate and geographical situation, a rich cultural heritage, unique and varied gastronomy, a dynamic population and legendary hospitality.
  •  Having the advantage of being located at the crossroads of 3 continents – Europe, Asia, Africa – allows benefiting from a wide range of flights at incomparable prices and inexpensive in time.
  • Turkey has recently become the third favorite destination for real estate investments in emerging markets.
  • The Turkish real estate market has been ranked as the second most attractive in Europe in terms of investment opportunities.
  • Turkey offers still very low real estate prices compared to its European neighbors, quality of construction more and more efficient and the cost of living cheaper, hence very attractive profitability.
  • Turkey should become a member of the European Union in the long term and has therefore undertaken major reforms and massive investments in transport and communication infrastructure.
  • The process of buying real estate in Turkey is simple and recent measures further facilitate the acquisition of a real estate by foreign nationals. Turkey also grants residence permits to foreigners who acquire property there.
  • By investing in real estate in turkey, purchase $ 250,000 worth of real estate acquires the right to become citizens for life.

After all these reasons, we can only agree on the fact that turkey is a wonderful country to live or to invest in.  Since it offers, excellent opportunities for real estate developers and investors by combining a vast construction sector with increasing commercial and industrial production.

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